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About Amber Combs

Amber Combs has come to find out that she is many things. She is currently pregnant to a son, mother to fraternal girl/boy twins, Devyn and Jaxton, a rainbow named Charly, as well as a wife to an amazing husband who is the reason she is where she is today. She has two male dogs, Knox and Diesel, which are her best friends and spoiled way too much for their own good. Those dogs warm her heart so much. Her twins were born on Jan 1, 2013 due to Prom, major placental abruptions and sepsis. Her son, Jaxton, died after birth while she was still being closed up from a classical cesarean and her daughter, Devyn, died on Jan 2, 2013. All of this was caused from a virus in her first trimester in which she was misdiagnosed by 5 doctors. Her trust and faith in the medical community was destroyed once she found out from the autopsy why her babies died. Months after, she found MISS Foundation and they helped her and her husband get back on track with getting back to living. She has learned so much from this group of people and they have become her main support and a great group of friends. Without these people she doesn't believe she would have survived the death of her children or have the courage to have another child. Her rainbow daughter was born in September through another C-Section. The decision to get pregnant was extremely hard to make for the fear she had and the trust she lacked.
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