0712141926 This past Saturday, we went to see WaterFire, comprised of more than 80 bonfires lit on the three rivers of downtown Providence; it is lauded as a community builder that has drawn over 10 million visitors to the city since its inception as First Fire in 1994. One of the beautiful features of the setting is the Wall of Hope in the short tunnel between Union Station Square and the Water Park. On permanent display here are the more than 10,000 tiles created by the children and adults of Rhode Island in honor of the victims of 9/11. I was fascinated by all the messages of love, strength, resiliency, and HOPE.

For Chris and I, our journey through infertility and pregnancy after loss includes these same messages. Every time I post on our blog ‘Hope is Our Anchor’, or here on PALS, I am fascinated by the community that embraces us, and by the messages of encouragement we are all so ready to freely offer one another. We have all been through so much, yet we are willing to share what remains of our strength and resiliency to others walking a similar path. We dance through the promise of hope as we forge ahead on our journey. And with every step of the dance, we are honoring the precious ones we have lost, and the precious ones we are waiting to meet (or have already met!) Although bittersweet, there is such peace and comfort in this community of which none of us wanted to be a member.

As you’ve navigated the path of loss, ttc after loss, pregnancy after loss, etc. what has brought you the most comfort? What are ways you offer comfort to others sharing the path? I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts.

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