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At my prenatal appointment next week, we’ll be able to find out the baby’s gender. Finding out brings a mix of emotions but overall I think it will be a helpful part of the process, emotionally speaking. Somehow knowing the baby’s gender and choosing a name will help me feel like this baby has it’s own identity, it’s own life.

Picking a name this time around has been a little more challenging for me than with my previous pregnancies. My husband, Derek, is taking it all in stride and seems to be enjoying the process. I’m feeling added pressure this time when it comes to deciding on a name for our baby.

Naming a child is a big responsibility. They have to live with that name forever, and I’d hate for one of my children to ever feel like I did them a disservice by choosing the wrong name. It’s bad enough we have celebrities that name their children things like Moon Unit (how high were you, Frank Zappa?) or North (sorry Kimye, I’m just not feelin’ it).

When I was pregnant with our first son, Derek and I laid down a few ground rules for how we would go about choosing names for our children. We agreed that their names should be unique and have an inspirational meaning. As someone with a unique name, my only stipulation is that whatever name we choose, it has to be spelled so that most people can pronounce it (my name is actually pronounced “ar-ee-ah”; most of the time it’s mispronounced “area” or “uh-ree-ah”).

Our son’s full name is Tobias Edward; Tobias means “God is good”, Edward -a family name- means “wealthy guardian”. We instinctually knew almost from the beginning of my pregnancy that he was a boy, so choosing his name was fairly easy.

With our daughter’s name, once we found out she was a girl we went back to the list of approved names we had compiled with my first pregnancy. I had always liked her name and I think once we got gender confirmation, Derek agreed that it was the perfect fit. Her name will always bring a smile to my face; Zuri means “beautiful” and Rose is my sisters’ middle name. We had planned on her nickname being “ZuZu”, like the youngest daughter of George Bailey from “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Sometimes it’s hard to say her name and not get overwhelmed with wishing that she was here to embody the preciousness of her name; but there is comfort in knowing that God can make beauty from ashes.

This time around I feel added pressure to choose a name that will hold significant meaning. We’ve done lots of searches for names with meanings like “hope” or “gift”. But for some reason, none of the names Derek and I have discussed seem to just click for me. It’s like through the trauma of loosing a child, I’ve also lost that confident instinct that says “eureka! that’s the name!”. I’m hoping and praying that the right name will be made apparent at the right time.

How did you choose your Rainbow Baby’s name? 

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