This week my husband and I finally made a public announcement about my pregnancy. Yep, we made it “Facebook Official”.

From the moment we saw the double pink lines, I was dreading the idea of sharing the news with the world. But within the last few weeks, since this is my third pregnancy that has now reached 17weeks, it’s become physically obvious a lot sooner. People started asking and we didn’t want to lie. We knew we needed a support system beyond just our families, so we slowly started people.

Then, after a church visit where several people congratulated us because somehow they heard the news (which oddly didn’t bother me), my husband said it was time to go ahead and make a real announcement. We both had been wrestling with conflicting feelings; we want to share the joy of a new life, but we are still scared that something might go wrong, and it’s hard to share that kind of news.

But it just didn’t feel right to keep it a secret anymore. So we shared the news.

rainbowannouncementI had spent hours Googling and scouring Pinterest for inspiration on how to share the news in just the right way. I didn’t want people to feel like we were forgetting Zuri, and in turn giving them permission to do so. I didn’t want people to think that because I’m pregnant again, that we’re somehow “better”. I wanted to find a way to share the news so that it was honest but gentle.

After driving my husband crazy while I obsessed over over which font to use, placing the text correctly, he said “it looks great babe, we just need to share it.”

For some reason I just didn’t feel comfortable sharing the post directly on my profile, so I asked my husband to post it on his and tag me in it. We went back and forth about if we really should post the announcement; I was the one who wasn’t sure if we should. I said it made me feel like we were jinxing things; my husband kindly pointed out that I don’t believe in jinxes, unless it applies to giving/getting a Coke after saying something at the same time.

Finally he came over and clicked “post” and there was no going back.

The “likes” and the comments started coming in. The red number of notifications increased, while we busied ourselves with getting our son Toby ready for bed.

Once Toby was settled and down for the night, I cozied myself on the couch with a blanket and propped my laptop next to me. Purposefully ignoring Facebook, I check my emails, pinned on Pinterest, read a few blogs. I didn’t know what people were going to say about our news; I didn’t know if people would be painfully over-excited, or underwhelmed and confused.

Eventually I couldn’t stand it any longer. I asked my husband to bring a slice of leftover funfetti birthday cake, then I started reading what the world was saying.

There was so much love and support. So many comments expressing excitement yet understanding of how challenging the journey would be for us. Once again we are reminded of the army of prayers that are lifting up our family. It’s so humbling to know that we are not alone in this, even if it feels that way sometimes.

142 “likes” later, I’m glad that part is over. It was scary but I did it. I’m so thankful for all of the love, support, encouragement, and prayers. I know I’m going to need it.

When did you share the news about your rainbow pregnancy? How did it make you feel?

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