Our first son, Bryce was diagnosed with a multicystic kidney at our 20-week scan. A Multicystic kidney meant that he had an enlarged kidney filled with cysts, and the other kidney did not develop enough to support the job. Not having functional kidneys meant that he was not producing amniotic fluid, and thus, he was not developing lung tissue to help him breathe outside the womb.


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Doctors offered to terminate the pregnancy, I couldn’t. We wanted to carry him until God decided it was time, after all, we thought it was not our decision, it represented no risks for me and we knew he had a purpose in our lives. He was estimated to be stillborn at around 25 weeks.

Bryce with Mom

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We had so many doctor appointments, a couple of MRIs, hospital visits, and phrases such as “it may happen this week,” later. Bryce was just like a “normal” baby inside of me, he grew, he moved, he kicked and made us proud each week he stayed with us. When I got to the 33-week mark, our doctor advised us it was best to induce me at 36 weeks, because of the low levels of fluid.

The day I was supposed to be scheduled for an induction, Bryce decided he would do it on his own. I started active labor that day.

Bryce with Dad

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After 28 hours of labor, our angel was born. He was an absolute prince. Doctors are not sure when he stopped breathing but they believe it happened while he was still inside of me, which gave me comfort to know that the last thing he heard was my heartbeat. He didn’t experience cold, bright lights, or suffering.

Family with Bryce

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We held him and shared beautiful moments for two days.

After painful days and lots of prayers, we found out we were pregnant with our rainbow baby.

Even though this was a beautiful surprise just two months after our son went to be with the Lord, I have never been more afraid in my life. Afraid to go through another loss, afraid to celebrate something that could end up in tragedy again, afraid to dream and imagine a life with a baby that may not make it to my arms. Although I must say I had a wonderful and healthy pregnancy, I was never at peace. I experienced so much anxiety and stress. I tried to channel all that through exercise, praying and my job. However, I also knew deep down, that this baby was sent from heaven and that his brother would watch over us. That thought gave me comfort.

Our amazing doctor took such good care of us. She even let us have an appointment every other week during the first trimester and an ultrasound every two appointments. She was an absolute angel to our family.

Jayden skin-to-skin with mom

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Although I was supposed to be at risk of preterm labor because of the back-to-back pregnancies, Jayden was born at 40 weeks and one day. We had the most beautiful and rewarding birth experience.

Jayden is such a blessing for our family and we are incredibly thankful for his life.

Jayden - Our Angel Sent us a Rainbow - Jayden's Birth Story

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There is hope, through the dark and the worst, there is always hope. We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful families, our doctor, and our faith.

Jayden with mom and dad - Our Angel Sent us a Rainbow - Jayden's Birth Story

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We are blessed. We are proud to say that our angel sent us a rainbow.

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