PALS Meet-Ups is a pilot program with Pregnancy After Loss Support to help connect moms trying to conceive, pregnant, and parenting after loss in their local area.

Want to find other moms who are going through the emotional journey of pregnancy after loss? Are you in need of a community that meets in person and seems like old friends that you can talk about the grief and the joys that come with being pregnant again after your other baby died? Then join a local PALS (Pregnancy After Loss Support) Meet-up.

Check our Find Support map to find a local PALS Meet-Up. Can’t find one – then consider starting one in your area today by becoming a PALS Meet-Up Leader (fill out a volunteer application to be considered).

two women drinking coffee - PALS Meet-Ups

PALS Meet-Up Guidelines

Our Philosophy

Here at PALS we hope to help women pregnant again after a loss choose hope over fear while nurturing their grief. In effort to do this we try our best to create a supportive open and welcoming community. Therefore we strive to have our meet-ups be a place where differences in philosophies, beliefs, opinions, and parenting styles are welcomed and respected.

We love supporting you when you’re TTC after a loss, celebrating pregnancy again, bringing home rainbow babies, and parenting after loss and we know how difficult this journey can be. We just have a few guidelines we would like you to look over.

Be Safe

This is a peer-to-peer support group. Any information given in here is from other members and should not be considered medical advice. If you have medical concerns about your pregnancy please seek proper medical counsel.

If you have concerns about the meet-ups please feel free to contact or speak with your meet-up leader directly. If you feel that contact with the local leader is not sufficient you are welcome to contact Lindsey Henke, PALS Executive Director. We ask you as a member of the group to report any concerns that may seem to go against the philosophy or expectations of the PALS to these appropriate contacts.

Crisis & Immediate Concerns Assistance

The Expectations

  • Be respectful. No hate speech, personal attacks, harassment, judging, or bullying. Disrupting the community on purpose will not be tolerated.

  • Please do not monopolize the group time/space. This group is for everyone to share.

Your Participation

By participating in our group you are agreeing to the above guidelines and expectations. It is your responsibility to follow these rules and if for some reason you cannot abide by these guidelines we will kindly ask you to leave the group.

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