“Mommy, would you tell me our story? Tell it A to Z. I just love hearing the story of you and me!” 

“Come closer, my love, let me whisper our story to you. Then drift off to sleep knowing each word is true.” 

children reading a book - A Bedtime Story for Our Rainbow Babies

A is for Anxious

How I felt when I found out you were in my tummy. Anxious and nervous. Would I be a good mummy? 

B is for Belly

Oh, how it did grow. It went up and out, then way down low. 

C is Cravings

Peanut butter, popcorn, and spicy noodles. I ate them by the spoonfuls, handfuls, and oodles. 

D is for Daddy

He did everything we needed. No request was too much, nothing went unheeded. 

E is for Excited

All the things we would do. It’s no exaggeration that I was thrilled to have you. 

F is for Farts

I want you to know that mommy’s not proud, but there were lots of those and they were often quite loud. 

G is Google

Every single sensation. My doctor said I should stop, but I didn’t listen. 

H is for Heartbeat

I remember the sound. It was like sweet thunder or a hard rain coming down. 

I is for Injections

They helped you keep growing. I took them all bravely, there was hardly any crying. 

J is for Journey

Ours was a crazy one. But somehow, I know, the real fun has just begun. 

K is for Kicks

I would count them each day. It made me smile knowing you were dancing away. 

L is for Lines

That appeared on my skin. Letting me know just how big you were getting. 

M is for Moodiness

I was happy then hungry then angry then sad. And I ate all the snacks, which was no fun for Dad. 

N is for Naps

I took one every day. You should try it right now; I can show you the way. 

O is for OB-GYN

Our doctor treated us so well. He said we were his favorite, I could definitely tell. 

P is for Prayer

I asked God to keep you safe inside. And now on my knees, I ask him to protect you in the world so wild. 

Q is for Quiet

I used those times for us to converse. You became my best friend, I told you all my feelings first.  

R is for Rainbow

You came after our trial. But your life will always be our greatest testimonial.  

S is for Songs

I sang to you then. And now, together, we will sing them again. 

T is for Thankful

God chose us for each other. I am grateful to Him for making me your mother. 

U is for Ultrasound

I could see your toes and fingers. You were cute even then; I can show you the pictures.

V is for Vitamins

Each day there must have been ten. But for you my love, I’ll take them again and again. 

W is for Waiting

9 whole months to meet you. And in just one second, my world became new. 

X is for Xerox copy

It isn’t easy to rhyme xerox copy. But look at you now, the spitting image of mommy.

Y is for You

My destiny and hope. You have filled me with color like a toy kaleidoscope. 

Z is for Zestfulness

How I see our future brand new. And this is the story of me and you. 


So sleep my sweet child, tomorrow is a new day. We can sing, we can dance in our own special way. 

The melodies may swing, the steps may sway. But none of that changes my love for you, as you lay. 

* * *

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