Even when you go on to have a healthy rainbow baby after your loss, many bereaved parents still search for meaningful ways to remember their baby that died. This is natural and healthy. There are a lot of options for remembrance… but what about a tattoo?

I heard something really interesting at the class I teach called Healing Art for Mourning Parents. The class is all about using different creative methods to help process grief and also to help remember the children lost too soon. We were making collages and one gentleman in the group included an image of a person being tattooed. I asked him about why he chose that image and he said because the experience was like being scarred with remembrance. I thought that was an interesting response.


Do you have a tattoo to remember your child?

If you are comfortable, please share about your tattoo (or a picture) in the comments.


I have thought about getting a tattoo for many years, but I think my needle phobia would prevent more than a permanent little dot on my skin. People have tried to encourage me that it is not that bad and that I am strong enough to take it… personally, I choose other (less painful) modes of self-expression!

A few weeks ago one of my closest friends, Candace, booked an appointment and followed through. She’s a brave soul! She got a tattoo on her wrist to remember her daughter, Emree, who passed away at 18 weeks (You can see a picture of Emree on the Celebrating Sweeties Page on my loss blog, Wanted Chosen Planned). Candace graciously shared her pictures with me so I could share them with you. I also asked her a few questions about her experience. Read on for this mini Q&A:

Q&A with Candace:


The drawn outline of the tattoo.

Are those Emree’s actual footprints in the design?

Yes, the footprints are Emree’s actual footprints but they are a bit larger than the actual ones. Her footprints were 2.5 cm and the tattooed ones are 3cm! They were tattooed larger so that the tattoo artist would be able to add the details of the footprint.


Candace in the tattoo chair.

Why the sweet pea flower?

Sweat peas are one of the birth flowers of April, the month Emree was born, and they are also a symbol of departure, good-byes, appreciation and tenderness.


The tattoo is beginning to take shape.

Tattoo paints.

What does it mean to you to have this tattoo?

Emree will always be with me but I feel like she is closer to me with this tattoo.  Now I have a visual representation of her with me where ever I go. When I was planning this tattoo, I brought out her footprints and the ink had faded so much I could barely make out the print.  I felt like I was losing her all over again. Thankfully, I had taken a picture of them when they were still fresh and now they are on my arm for the rest of my life, I’ll never lose them or her again.


The finished tattoo.


Everyone is different and chooses their own unique ways to remember the child that moved their heart and changed their lives. How do you remember? 


If you would like to have your baby remembered on the Celebrating Sweeties page on Wanted Chosen Planned, please email Alexis Marie at info@alexismariechute.com with your baby’s name, birth/death date(s) and a photo if you have one. 

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