January is a mixed month for us; it begins with Levi’s birthday and ends with Ariella’s anniversary and birthday. Whew! Talk about a good example of life after loss – incredible highs and heart wrenching lows, all wrapped up together. This year Levi turned two. What a delight he is!  Our boy definitely takes after his dad and would spend all day playing outside if we let him. Thankfully the Australian summer hasn’t been too hot (not for too many days in a row anyway), so there’s only been a few days he hasn’t been able to go out. He is still totally in love with his little sister Seanna and we’ve not had to deal with any jealousy so far. He’s my little helper, helping me with almost all aspects of life: caring for Seanna, doing loads of washing, even insisting on helping me vacuum! I wrote a poem for him on his birthday that I’d love to share with you all:

My precious Levi
Today you are two!
Two years healing my heart
By just being you.

Today you’re the boss!
We will do as you choose!
So we’d best grab our hats
And put on our shoes.

You’ll take us outside
Where we’ll play for hours
You’ll slide down the slide
And water the flowers.

No doubt there’ll be building
Duplo trains, planes and more!
Towers reaching the sky,
Creations galore!

We will eat all your favourites,
Read some books, sing a song.
I love being your mama,
Together’s where we belong!

And at the end of the day
I will kiss you goodnight,
I love you my Levi,
My son, my delight!

Photo by Karen Pfeiffer Photography

Photo by Karen Pfeiffer Photography

Ariella’s birthday is Saturday, after her Heaven Day (anniversary of the day she went to Heaven) on Thursday. We haven’t yet decided what we will do for either day, aside from our tradition of dinner on the beach for her birthday. It hurts to think about it, everything just feels so heavy. Part of me just wants this week to be over, as I know I’ll feel happier again once it’s passed. But Ariella’s birthday was truly one of the best days of my life. It was the day I met my first child and one of the two day sI had her in my arms. And somehow, we will find the perfect way to celebrate that fact this year!

Ariella's Lioness, photo by Worden Photography

Ariella’s Lioness, photo by Worden Photography

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