Losing a baby is never easy. However, remembering the baby can be just as intense. It is not uncommon for families to struggle to find ways to honor their little one’s memory on their annual anniversary.

Here are a list of suggestions that appear to have worked well for other couples. I share them and encourage you to add in the comments your ways of sharing or respecting your baby’s memory.

  1. Visit the NICU and bring cookies for staff or books for lending library.
  2. Spend the day in the NICU or PICU reading books with the current residents.
  3. Have a family picnic graveside.
  4. Bake a cake or have a birthday party to help siblings remember.
  5. Pull out the photo album and a box of tissues and spend time with those who were with you.
  6. Share images and memories of your angel on social media.
  7. Give yourself the gift of self-care.
  8. My personal favorite: do random acts of kindness to strangers in their memory.

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